Rider Responsibilities

The Cyclopaths believe that rider safety is a group effort. Therefore we strive to take responsibility for ourselves and others during club rides. We are all about enjoying cycling as a group activity, making it a safe and fun experience for all.

1. Be Prepared

Come to rides with appropriate gear:

  • Helmets required
  • Enough water or sports drink for the planned distance (we suggest at least two filled water bottles)
  • Extra tubes and bike tools
  • Cell phone if you have one
  • Map

2. Be On Time

The times listed on our ride schedule are starting times, not meeting times. Please try to get to the meeting place 15 minutes in advance to allow time for introductions and last-minute bike maintenance. We try to roll within 5 minutes of the designated start time. If you are running late, please try to call someone at the ride start to let us know.

3. Be Responsible

This is the "no-drop" part of our policy! Look out for your cycling companions, and be responsive to riders in distress. If someone falls behind, you can wait at the next major turn or circle back to locate the missing rider.

Note: Georgetown Cyclopaths rides are open to any adult recreational cyclist (regardless of membership or affiliation). Riders of all levels, including novice, are encouraged to participate. All rides are on public streets and roads, and all riders ride at their own risk. Carry identification and water bottle(s). Properly worn, approved bicycle helmets are required of all riders. Remember, each rider is responsible for his/her own safety and security.

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